Vision, Mission, Values

Our vision:

Becoming a universal power which makes a difference and enhances quality of life in all fields where we add value.

Our mission:

Ensuring healthy and safe food production of animal origin in a manner sensitive to man and nature for those who value quality of life employing advanced technologies and qualified, innovative human resources upholding the principle of sustainable customer loyalty.

Our Core Values:

Our customers are our ‘raison d’etre’, therefore we take their satisfaction seriously in order to ensure their loyalty and we regard them as our strategic business partners.

We operate on a win-win basis with all our stake holders and we constantly improve our processes with a view to supporting our customer’s profitability.

We are a team of co-workers who enjoy producing using our respective intellectual assets with a strong sense of belonging, innovation and team spirit.

We have a transparent, solution oriented, unpresumptuous managerial approach which turns the potential of each co-worker into performance and which values collective leadership.

We are a sensitive company with a high consciousness of social responsibility, valuing quality of life, respectful towards different cultures and adhering to ethical principles.