Our HR Policy


ABALIOĞLU is fully aware that its most important asset is its human resources.  In this context, our human resources mission begins with putting the “right person” in charge of the “right job” and continues with personal training and career planning aimed at our employee’s advancement to ensure their loyalty and to provide them with a better future.


ABALIOĞLU is a large family having more than 2000 employees, serving the consumers for decades with a constantly expanding production and sales volume.   Managers, employees and business partners of ABALIOĞLU are focused on the same target with a strong sense of belonging and team spirit.

Knowing that the driving force behind our 45 years of experience and success is our employees, we are walking towards the future with steady steps placing full trust in them.


ABALIOĞLU plans its human resources which it regards as the guarantee of a successful future well in advance, through scholarships that it grants to many promising youngsters and its traineeship programs. Supporting successful students of prominent universities each year is an important element of ABALIOĞLU company culture.


Candidates who wish to apply for a job in ABALIOĞLU are required to fill the “Job Application Form” available in our website.  Once these forms reach our Human Resources Department, the details of the candidates are entered into our data base.

To fill the vacancies or new positions that may arise during the year we first run a scan among the applications already in our data base.  Details of the candidates are kept for one year after the date of application for possible employment in appropriate positions.


ABALIOĞLU group accepts the compulsory traineeship applications of Undergraduate, Vocational High School, Technical College, College of Commerce and Vocational College students.

Pursuant to the law 5510 and 3308, the students are obliged to present official documents stating that their occupational disease and working accident insurance premiums are to be covered by their schools during the length of the traineeship.  Failure to do so results in the refusal or cancellation of traineeship.

Applications for summer traineeship period must be submitted until April, while those for the winter period should be made from June to September.

The working performances of these trainees are closely followed throughout their stay in the company and those who show diligence are offered permanent jobs in the group.