Message From The President

We are celebrating the 46th anniversary of ABALIOĞLU in 2015.  I would sincerely want to underline that we worked hard every single day, hour and second of these 45 years.  Driven by our spirit of industrialism and enterprise, we left behind all these years in the pursuit of our ideals: Contributing to the economic development of our country, supporting the advancement of our industry, leading our sector in its journey towards and beyond modern standards, creating employment for our people, offering a bright future to our children and youth.

At this point in time, as the ABALIOĞLU group we are utterly happy to have realized our dreams and to have established a sound notion of industry in Anatolia.  We are also enjoying the justly deserved pride of pioneering the evolution of the feed sector from state domination into a giant cutting edge technology private one.

Furthermore, in the food sector in which we ventured with an entirely integrated approach, we are also proud to endow our country with its biggest and most modern Integrated Meat Processing Plant, offering superior quality, safe, healthy and delicious products to our consumers under the LEZITA brand.

Since our early days in which I was trying to sell the bags of feed -produced in our first feed mill in Denizli together with a handful of friends- off the trunk of my car in village coffee houses, ABALIOĞLU has grown into one of the biggest industrial enterprises of Turkey with its more than 2000 employees, not only in the feed sector of which it is the leader but also in agriculture, livestock and food sectors. In fact, ABALIOĞLU group which ranked 52nd in the 2013 “Top 500 in Turkey” list of Istanbul Chamber of Industry, is determined to climb even further, taking its place in the competitive global markets.

On this occasion, I would like to express my heart felt gratitude to our employees, business partners whom we always regard as family members and to our loyal clients who never faltered to support us throughout these 46 years and I want to share with you our core values to which we owe our success:

We always took care to keep the interests of the community above those of the company.
In each new venture we considered a duty to contribute to the development of our country.
Contributing to employment and development in our region has always been our first priority.
We have adopted a pro investment attitude and we tried not to fall short of our investment targets even under the most unfavorable circumstances.
We managed to create an atmosphere of strong and loving family among our employees, managers, business partners and clients.  Our business mentality has always been based on the win-win principle.

We strived to do whatever we did in the best possible manner. Therefore we closely followed the world and heavily invested in technological infrastructure.

Innovation and dynamism have always been among our core values. We constantly shaped our business mentality, management system and products in accordance with evolving demands.

And last but not least, we never strayed from honesty.

Knowing that our most important resource is the confidence and trust placed in us, we did everything in our power to maintain this

Hoping to meet again in many more anniversaries like this, I present you all my profoundest respects and I wish you the best of everything.

Chairman of the Board