About Us


ABALIOĞLU Group started its operations in 1969 with its feed mill in Denizli as the first private sector feed company of Turkey. Sustaining its industrial and entrepreneurial spirit unabatedly for 45 years, ABALIOĞLU, is continuing its sound development and pioneering investments not only in the feed sector of which it is the leader, but also in agriculture, livestock and food sectors.

In fact, ABALIOĞLU takes its prominent place in the “Top 500” list issued annually by Istanbul Chamber of Industry as one of the fastest growing and evolving companies in Turkey.  Entering this list in 2007 as 219th, ABALIOĞLU made a stellar rise to 52nd place in 2013.

Adhering to the traditional values of honesty, modesty and consistency, Abalıoğlu Group pursues its policies in a customer oriented and innovative manner with uncompromising quality and in perpetual search of excellence according to a working system based on efficiency, speed and above all human values, without ever neglecting its social responsibilities and always remaining in strict compliance with the law, regulations and consumer rights.