Ranking among the biggest industrial companies of Turkey Abalıoğlu is continuing its steady growth since its foundation in 1969.  The crowning result of Abalıoğlu’s 45 years of experience in the feed sector, of which it is the market leader, is its numerous feed mills all around the country.  Abalıoğlu is serving all parts of Turkey through these feed mills. 

One of the strategic aims of Abalıoğlu, the pioneer and leader of the feed industry for 45 years, is to maintain its position as the market leader.  This aim forms the basis of each and every undertaking and decision. 

Abalıoğlu carried out its activities under the brand “Abalıoğlu Feed” until the end of 2014.  Abalıoğlu has decided to adopt the brand “ABALIM” in its activities in the feed sector as of 2015.

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